Friday, 18 August 2017

Contacts make so far 2017

Contacts made so far
No response yet is yellow
Those who have acknowledged are in pink

Patsy Allen - via Liz

Mair Anthony - email and Facebook - cannot make it
Geraint Bowen - email
Fiona Caroll - via Sarah Thomas
Janet Clayton - via Liz
Alan Davies - email - cannot make it
Helen Davies - via Liz
Huw Davies - email
Byron Davies - email
Lyn Davies - phone
Yvonne Davies - email
Tim Donovan - email
Euros Evans - email & Facebook
Lloyd Evans - Answerphone
Lynnette Evans - Facebook - cannot make it
Catherine Fieldhouse - facebook
Rosetta Fusco - email - cannot make it
Linda Griffiths - email
Christine Hayes - Answerphone
William Higginson - Facebook
Ros Holt - email
Gerdda Howells - Facebook
Eryth Hughes - email
Cynthia Husband -
Ken James - phone - cannot make it
Liz James - via Rosetta
Aled Jones - phone
Bryan Jones - email
Kathy Jones - email
Susan Jones - Facebook - cannot make it
Peter Johnson
Andy Kelly - email - maybe
Rob King - Facebook
Judy Long - email
Jill Morgan - phone
Iona Morgan - email - cannot make it
Caroline Mustoe - phone
Liz Penn - phone
Rhys Phillips - via Huw
Janice Rees - Facebook & brother
Susan Raymond - Facebook - cannot make it
Barry Reynolds - phone
Gareth Richards - email - maybe
Charles Salmon - email
Alan Savoury - email
Neville Stocking - email, Facebook
Eurig Thomas - Answerphone
Jean Thomas - email
Keith Thomas - phone message
Linda Thomas - email
Margaret Thomas - email
Richard Thomas - email
Sarah Thomas - email
Rob Watts - Answerphone
Susan Williams - via Liz

Staff to Phone
Mair Bowen -phone
Hayden Lewis
Ruby and John Arfon Jones
Ken Rees
Mrs Hector
Leanna Williams
Mr Bancroft
Mrs Jenny James
Geraint Griffiths
Randy Thomas

No Contact Details at All
Thelma Durbridge
Beryl Evans
Lyn Jenkins
Gaynor Jones (Bolton) Crymych
Yvonne Lewis
Nesta Lloyd Llynderwen
Cherry Maggs
Gillian Morse
Ann Rees
John Robinson - Canada?
Hilary Smith
Anna Michelle Stevens
Meirion Thomas (Huw may see his sister)
David Williams (Aust?)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Calling all those of you who joined the Grammar School in September 1967 - whether you left in 1972 or 74.

We are having a get-together at Whitland Rugby Club on Friday 22nd from 7.30pm.

We will try and contact as many old classmates as we can - either via this blog, press, Facebook, email or telephone.

Can you please message me on if you see this message so I know you have received it - then I won't be wasting time trying to track you down via other means!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dyffryn Taf - 25 Years in 2014

Dyffryn Taf Comprehensive School will be celebrating 25 years in 2014 after being established in 1989.

The school are trying to collect photographs so if you have any please contact Heather Jenkins on 01994 242108 or pop into school or emial.

The school also wants to hear about pupils who have done really well for themselves (whatever that means!).

The above is not strictly to do with the old Grammar School but as its now on the Grammar School site we do share some history - it will also be 25 years since the Grammar School ceased.

Press for 2012 Reunion

The above was in the Tenby Observer on 22nd August 2012 - it was also printed in the Carmarthen Journal on 11th August and the Tenby Observer on 3rd August.

The above two pictures were in the Tenby Observer on 7th September 2012.

Tenby Observer 21st September 2012.

Carmarthen Journal 26th September 2012 (this was a repeat of the image below).

Carmarthen Journal 19th September 2012.

I inadvertently sent in a group shot of the reunion which omitted Iona (very sorry) -so the correct one, which includes us ALL, has gone to the Western Telegraph.

Friday, 14 September 2012

3rd Reunion 14 Sept 2012

Back - Barry Reynolds, Robert Watts, Rhys Phillips, Eryth Hughes, Charles Salmon and Lloyd Evans.
Centre - Gerdda Howells, Jan Clayton, Liz Penn and Patsy Allen.
Front - Huw Davies, Ruth Phillips and Ros Holt.

Well another reunion arrives - this time to mark 45 years since we all joined Whitland Grammar School.  Not quite so many this time, unfortunately life and health had got in the way of some attending.
However we had a great evening reminiscing and catching up on all the news.  Lots of us had not seen each other since the previous reunion in 2009 so there was much to talk about.
Thanks to Kate Salmon for taking the pictures and to Phil and Sue Davies for again looking after us at the Rugby Club, Whitland.
We wish a speedy recovery to all those who were unable to attend due to health issues and hope to see many of you again when we have the next reunion in a few years time.

Those who attended:
Ruth Phillips, Iona Morgan, Gerdda Howells, Liz Penn, Jan Clayton, Patsy Allen, Eryth Hughes, Ros Holt, Huw Davies, Barry Reynolds, Robert Watts, Rhys Phillips, Charles and KateSalmon and Lloyd Evans.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Contacting People for 2012 Reunion

Contacts made  (no response yet is highlighter)
As you can see most have acknowledged receipt of emails anyway and I've sent them all separate ones today just asking if they planned to come:

Lyn Davies - phone
Lloyd Evans - phone
Christine Hayes - phone
Jill Morgan - phone
Caroline Mustoe - phone
Rhys Phillips - phone
Barry Reynolds - phone
Huw Davies - email
Byron Davies - email
Tim Donovan - email
Euros Evans - email
Ros Holt - email
Gerdda Howells - via Mary
Eryth Hughes - email
Andy Kelly - email
Rob King - facebook
Judy Long - email
Iona Morgan - via Mary
Liz Penn - email
Hugh & Charles Salmon - email
Alan Savoury - email
Linda Thomas - email
Sarah Thomas - email
Mair Anthony - email and facebook
Yvonne Davies - email and phone
Anna Marie - email
Bryan Jones - email
Geraint Bowen - via Liz Penn & email
Linda Griffiths - email
Rob Watts - via Liz
Aled Jones - phone
Gareth Richards - phone
Kathy Jones - phone
Patsy Allen - via Liz
Janet Clayton - via Liz
Beryl Evans - via Euros
Susan Williams - via Liz
Nesta Lloyd - via Liz
Ken James - phone
Keith Thomas - phone
Margaret Thomas - phone
Eurig Thomas - phone
Catherine Fieldhouse - phone & facebook
Rosetta Fusco - email
Neville Stocking - email, facebook & phone message
Jean Thomas - email
Richard Thomas - email
Cynthia Husband - ans machine
Liz James - via Mary
Fiona Caroll - via Sarah Thomas
Helen Davies - via Liz
Yvonne Lewis - via Mary
Hilary Smith - via Mary

Staff Phoned
Mair Bowen
Hayden Lewis
Ruby and John Arfon Jones
Ken Rees
Mrs Hector
Leanna Williams
Mr Bancroft
Mrs Jenny James

No Contact Details at All
Alan Davies
Thelma (Germany)
Lynnette Evans (USA)
Peter Johnson
Gaynor Jones
Cherry Maggs
Gillian Morse
Susan Raymond
Ann Rees
Janice Rees
John Robinson
Lyn Jenkins
Meirion Thomas
David Williams (Aust?)
Susan Jones

Thursday, 8 March 2012

45 Year Reunion 14 Sept 2012

45 Year Reunion

We have arranged a get-together at Whitland Rugby Club for FRIDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER from 7.30pm.

We hope as many of you who were from our years (1967-72/74) can come along.

I have emailed those who I have details for and also rung around those I have phone numbers for.

The 1973 coloured school photo has been in the three local papers - Tenby Observer, Western Telegraph and Carmarthen Journal and I also sent in some images form the 2007 reunion.

I also posted details on the Pembrokeshire Radio website and I have been told it has also been mentioned on air.

Hopefully as many people have heard about it as we can get - and it has gone with word of mouth with a few people too.


Saturday, 28 March 2009

Views on the 2009 Whitland Grammar Reunion

Please leave any comments and messages here - whether you came or couldn't make it.

Anything from who it was good to see or memories rekindled.

If you have any photos please e-mail them on as I'd like to include them on the blog.

Photographs & Report from Reunion - March 2009

Well thanks to all of you who made the effort to come along.
As you can see from the photographs below we were 21 this time.
Philip and Susan of the Rugby Club in Whitland had kindly given us the room and also put up posters and bunting for me (as well as some 'then & now' pictures - which I might put up here - so watch out!). We had a whip-round to donate to theri club funds.

We didn't have a buffet this time and just had nibbles - a good idea as it turned out as Mary wasn't able to come along at the last minute and I wasn't sure if I'd be there either - so a sensible decision. It also saved having to spend all night collecting money.
It was a shame a few people couldn't make it - either for medical reasons or because of a clash of dates. Anyway despite being only about half the numbers of last time I thoroughly enjoyed the evening (possibly more so than the first). It was completely different - but I appreciated being actually able to chat to people properly this time - something which I didn't get to do before as there was so many of us.
Anyway I wore red and navy in homage of our old uniforms - never been worn before because as soon as I see the two colours together I think 'Whitland'!
It was great to see Dorothy and Barry who hadn't been able to come in 2007. Once again time just flew. I didn't get home till almost 1am - and I wasn't the last to go - I'll mention no names but you both know who you are!!
Thanks for sparing me phone calls yesterday - what with being so tired and starting to lose my voice I wasn't up to much of anything.
Still I would say it was another resounding success - just to see old friends brought back together and chatting as if never apart is thanks enough for the work put in.
Please leave comments and also vote for what/when you want another get-together (people were asking when the next one was going to be on Friday night!!).
Mary pointed out earlier that 2012 will be the 45th anniversary of when we joined Whitland - however whether people want to wait three years or just have one in between is up to you all - just leave your votes and we'll go with the majority decision.

Ruth (Phillips) & Patsy (Allen)

Elizabeth (Penn) & Huw Davies

Gerdda Howells & Iona Morgan

Margaret (Thomas)

Patsy (Allen) & Jan (Clayton)

Dorothy Davies & Gareth Richards

Huw Davies

Patsy (Allen)

Brian Jones & Barry Reynolds

Lloyd Evans, Gareth Richards & Brian Jones

Randel Lewis, Aled Jones & Lyn Davies

Elizabeth (Penn) & Dorothy Davies

Ken James

Lyn Davies, Robert Watts, Nev Stocking & Elizabeth (Penn)

Mr & Mrs Eurig Thomas

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

2009 Press/Publicity

Radio Pembrokeshire/CarmarthenshireMonday 23rd March - just been interviewed by Pembs Radio - should go out after 11am and also this pm. Also on Carmarthenshire Radio too so it might reach a few more people!

Cardi Bach - We have a nice feature in the March 09 issue. Great picture of the old school from a postcard and a write-up. Will try and get it mentioned again in the papers before the 27th!!

Western Telegraph - 12th February 2009
Well we again had a colour photo in the papers - this time the Western Telegraph.Pity they keep using the same one of us in 6th form - but its the only one really as those long b/w ones would never fit!! And the red uniform does catch the eye

Tenby Observer 30th January 2009
Well another picture and write-up - this time with a black and white photo - but should catch someone's eye.

Carmarthen Journal 28th January 2009
Well I wrote the other post before reading the paper! We were given a large section which included the 6th Form group pic (sorry guys!) and a write up underneath. At least the sight of us in those red blouses and socks will catch peoples' eyes (yes it IS in colour!!). (I gave them a link to here and let them choose their own photo for publicity.)

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Whitland Grammar's 6th Form 1973

Didn't we all look great in those red socks??
From L to R starting at:-
Back row:-Lyn Davies, Glyn Thomas, Meirion Thomas, Huw Davies, Euros Evans.
Next row:- Richard Thomas, Brian Jones, Hugh Salmon, Tim Donovan, Wayne Davies, Nevil Stocking, Peter Johnson, Ken James.
Next row:- Ruth Phillips, Linda Griffiths, Caroline Mustoe, Dorothy Davies, Elizabeth Penn, Patsy Allan, Rosalind Holt, Helen Davies, Susan Williams, Yvonne Lewis, Beryl Evans, Susan Jones.
Next row:- Judith Long, Catherine Fieldhouse, Iona Morgan, Nesta Lloyd, Rosetta Fusco, Mr G.Harries, Jean Thomas, Janice Rees, Lyn Jenkins, Sarah Thomas and Janet Clayton.

2007 -Organising, Thanks & Funding

Organisers of First (07) Reunion
Just to let you that the original idea came from Mary Harries. Working in Barclays Bank Carmarthen she sees plenty of people.I (Ruth Phillips) have helped with the advertising and organising of the venue and school. Also been tracking people down with the help of Liz and Glyn (plus many others of course who have helped with information).

I'd like to thank Mary, Glyn and Liz for helping me track down all of you.
Especially Liz who has helped me out no end with the teachers names and contact details.
This has been a group effort as its not the sort of job one person can do on their own and we've only been able to trace so many due to combined efforts - so thanks again.
We're sorry for the few we couldn't locate but we may track them down by next time!!!

Funding for 2007 Reunion
Just to let you know we collected £298.50 from the buffet money and raffle. This was spent as follows:- Buffet (£250) school visit (£20) cakes (£18) postage (£5.75) red display card (£2.37) sweets and dishes (£5.11) - a total cost of £301.23. Not bad as we were only down £2.73 - I thougth it might have been worse!! We should have run at a profit but had about ten people and spouses drop out during the last few days after booking.

2007 Reunion Booklet?

Memento of evening - Whitland Grammar School Booklet.

Jean had the idea of everyone completing an A4 sheet with details of their life, jobs, family etc.

She will need a small photograph of yourself on the night to use in her booklet.

This we can do on the night and take lots of pics to include as well.

Update July 07 - Jean is still short of a few sheets so I may have to get back to some of you before she can proceed.

Reunion Cakes 2007

Thanks to Mary for ordering and collecting them, and to my neighbour Sue James who has also been to the 'gram' and who helped me pick out the designs from the many I'd done on the pc!!

Those Who Attended our First Reunion March 2007


Tuesday, 24 April 2007

07 Press Report

Tenby Observer

Had a nice write-up today on page four of the Tenby Observer - plus three pictures (of female teachers and cakes). Sorry its not on the net so can't give you a link.Have also got a report in the Western Telegraph (2nd May), none in the Carmarthen Journal I'm afraid - I did send it in.

Monday, 23 April 2007

New Pics, Linda and Ahmed 2007 - Thanks Very Much

Rob and Linda (was it a good joke??)

Ruth and Linda

Group at School
Group at School

Girls Groups (plus Geraint!!)

Huw and Linda

Mary sorting her raffle money!!

Boys Group

Linda, Mrs Williams and Mrs Bowen

Rosalind, Gerdda, Janet, Mary and Linda

Boys Groups
Linda, Patsy, Mary, Rosetta and Yvonne (just!)Girls Groups

Eurig, Jean, Linda and Mrs Eurig ThomasRuth, Jean, Tim and Linda

Thanks to their daughter Mari who e-mailed all these to me tonight - glad you know what to do!!

Whitland Grammar School History

If anyone has old pictures from the Grammar School or any more information on its history please get in touch and the items can be included here - with credits back of course. I have put together a separate blog foe the school history now at -