Saturday, 17 March 2018

2018 Meal at The Roadhouse 16th March

Gerdda and Ros

Ros and Iona

Richard and Jan

Rhys and Huw

Glyn and Ken

Patsy and Liz

Liz and Ruth

Dinner at The Roadhouse - we had a nice room to ourselves and it made a change having a meal together.

Iona and Liz (c. Liz)

Gerdda (c. Liz)

Ruth, Liz, Jan and Patsy (c. Liz)

Rhys and Ruth (c. Jan)

Liz, Jan and Patsy (c. Jan)

Ros and Patsy (c. Jan)

Liz and Gerdda (c. Jan)

Ken, Richard and Glyn (c. Jan)

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Class of '67 Whitland Reunion Dinner March 16th 2018

Hi all - we were thinking that as a few of you (including some of our 'regulars') were unable to come to the September reunion because of holidays and family commitments etc we wondered if you'd like to pencil in the following date for next spring?


They have a menu online and it was picked because its central for both sides of Whitland.

You can either tell me now if you fancy coming but it won't be a firm commitment as I'll be getting in touch about two weeks before for final numbers - we need to give them a rough idea of how many will be attending.

Its a buy-your-own evening so you are welcome to bring spouses or partners if you wish - but its not compulsory!

Friday, 29 September 2017

Sunday, 24 September 2017

2017 Reunion - thank-you gift

Lovely thank you gift organised by Mary at the reunion - such a surprise - and a charming card to go with it.  Much appreciated.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

2017 Reunion - The Empty Chair and Remembrance Tree

The Empty Chair
We gather here, a class once more
To reminisce, like years before
Upon the days and joys we knew
Before our school-age time was through.
Yet as we meet, with memories near
We think of those, always held dear
Our friend and classmates, passed away.

Until the time when we join again
An empty chair, we will maintain
In honour of the life-long bond
We forged with those, now passed beyond.
The friends with whom we learned life’s truth
Whose bonds lasted far from our youth
And shall remain forever near
When we gather, from year to year.


Tree in memory of our past deceased classmates.  
We also heard on the night that Hugh Salmon had passed away two years ago.  
Hugh has now been added to our 'In Memory' page.

2017 Reunion - pictures from Ruth

The room and display of previous reunion pictures:

 Some pictures:
Viv, Rhys and Hugh

Alan, Kate and Charles

Aled and Robert



Margaret and Sarah

Liz and Patsy

 Emmie and Mary

 Some group shots:

Whitland Grammar School History

If anyone has old pictures from the Grammar School or any more information on its history please get in touch and the items can be included here - with credits back of course. I have put together a separate blog foe the school history now at -