Thursday, 12 October 2017

Class of '67 Whitland Reunion Dinner March 16th 2018

Hi all - we were thinking that as a few of you (including some of our 'regulars') were unable to come to the September reunion because of holidays and family commitments etc we wondered if you'd like to pencil in the following date for next spring?


They have a menu online and it was picked because its central for both sides of Whitland.

You can either tell me now if you fancy coming but it won't be a firm commitment as I'll be getting in touch about two weeks before for final numbers - we need to give them a rough idea of how many will be attending.

Its a buy-your-own evening so you are welcome to bring spouses or partners if you wish - but its not compulsory!

Friday, 29 September 2017

Sunday, 24 September 2017

2017 Reunion - thank-you gift

Lovely thank you gift organised by Mary at the reunion - such a surprise - and a charming card to go with it.  Much appreciated.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

2017 Reunion - The Empty Chair and Remembrance Tree

The Empty Chair
We gather here, a class once more
To reminisce, like years before
Upon the days and joys we knew
Before our school-age time was through.
Yet as we meet, with memories near
We think of those, always held dear
Our friend and classmates, passed away.

Until the time when we join again
An empty chair, we will maintain
In honour of the life-long bond
We forged with those, now passed beyond.
The friends with whom we learned life’s truth
Whose bonds lasted far from our youth
And shall remain forever near
When we gather, from year to year.


Tree in memory of our past deceased classmates.  
We also heard on the night that Hugh Salmon had passed away two years ago.  
Hugh has now been added to our 'In Memory' page.

2017 Reunion - pictures from Ruth

The room and display of previous reunion pictures:

 Some pictures:
Viv, Rhys and Hugh

Alan, Kate and Charles

Aled and Robert



Margaret and Sarah

Liz and Patsy

 Emmie and Mary

 Some group shots:

2017 Reunion - pictures from Mary

Mary. Liz, Ruth, Patsy, Margaret and Sarah

Emmie, Liz, Ruth, Patsy, Margaret and Sarah


Aled, Mary and Lyn

Kate and Charles Salmon

Robert and Margaret


Viv, Rhys and Huw

Geraint and Lyn

Aled and Ruth
Mary was kind enough to organise a lovely thank-you gift and card
from everyone. Much appreciated thanks Mary.

2017 Reunion - those who attended

Those who attended: myself!, Mary (Harris) and husband Viv, Alan Savory and wife Emmie, Charles Salmon and wife Kate, Huw Davies, Rhys Phillips, Aled Jones, Patsy (Allen), Liz (Penn), Sarah (Thomas), Robert Watts, Margaret (Thomas), Lyn Davies and Geraint Bowen.

It was lovely to see some of these old (!) familiar faces last night.  Sorry some of you were unable to come due to holidays, family commitments or illness.

It was great to chat about old times and to catch up with peoples' news.  Huw managed a rendition of the school song, much to everyone's enjoyment.

50 years seems to have gone so quickly.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Contacts make so far 2017

Contacts made so far
No response yet is yellow
Those who have acknowledged are in pink

Patsy Allen - via Liz

Mair Anthony - email and Facebook - cannot make it
Geraint Bowen - email reminder
Fiona Caroll - via Sarah Thomas - cannot make it
Janet Clayton - via Liz - cannot make it
Alan Davies - email - cannot make it
Helen Davies - via Liz - cannot make it
Huw Davies - email
Byron Davies - email 
Lyn Davies - phone
Yvonne Davies - email
Tim Donovan - email
Thelma Durbridge - text - have now got email etc 4/1/18
Beryl Evans - via Iona - cannot come
Euros Evans -  Facebook - cannot make it
Lloyd Evans - Answerphone
Lynnette Evans - Facebook - cannot make it
Rosetta Fusco - email - cannot make it
Linda Griffiths - email reminder - cannot make it
Christine Hayes - Answerphone
William Higginson - Facebook
Ros Holt - email - cannot make it
Gerdda Howells via Iona - cannot come
Eryth Hughes - email
Cynthia Husband - phone
Ken James - phone - cannot make it
Liz James - phone
Aled Jones - phone
Brian Jones - email reminder - cannot make it
Kathy Jones - email - cannot make it
Shelia Jones - phone
Susan Jones - Facebook - cannot make it
Peter Johnson
Andy Kelly - email - maybe
Rob King - Facebook - cannot make it
Yvonne Lewis - via Iona
Judy Long - email reminder - cannot make it
Jill Morgan - phone
Iona Morgan - email - cannot make it
Gillian Morse - email - cannot make it
Caroline Mustoe - phone
Liz Penn - phone
Rhys Phillips - via Huw
Janice Rees - Facebook
Susan Raymond - Facebook - cannot make it
Barry Reynolds - phone
Gareth Richards - email - maybe
Charles Salmon - email
Alan Savoury - email
Neville Stocking - cannot make it
Eurig Thomas - phone
Glyn Thomas - email
Jean Thomas - email reminder
Keith Thomas - phone message
Linda Thomas - email
Margaret Thomas - email
Meirion Thomas - phone
Richard Thomas - email reminder - cannot make it
Sarah Thomas - email
Rob Watts - phone
Susan Williams - via Liz

Staff to Phone
Mair Bowen - phone
 Mr Childs - Answerphone
Hayden Lewis - phone
Ruby and John Arfon Jones - phone
Ken Rees - phone
Mrs Hector - phone
Leanna Williams - phone - cannot make it
Mr Bancroft - phone
Mrs Jenny James - Answerphone
Geraint Griffiths - phone
Randal Lewis
Meinir Eynon via Leanna

No Contact Details at All
Catherine Fieldhouse 
Lyn Jenkins
Gaynor Jones (Bolton?) Crymych
Nesta Lloyd Clynderwen
Cherry Maggs
Ann Rees
John Robinson - Canada?
Hilary Smith - Mary sees her occasionally
Anna Michelle Stevens
David Williams (Aust?)

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Calling all those of you who joined the Grammar School in September 1967 - whether you left in 1972 or 74.

We are having a get-together at Whitland Rugby Club on Friday 22nd from 7.30pm.

We will try and contact as many old classmates as we can - either via this blog, press, Facebook, email or telephone.

Can you please message me on if you see this message so I know you have received it - then I won't be wasting time trying to track you down via other means!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dyffryn Taf - 25 Years in 2014

Dyffryn Taf Comprehensive School will be celebrating 25 years in 2014 after being established in 1989.

The school are trying to collect photographs so if you have any please contact Heather Jenkins on 01994 242108 or pop into school or emial.

The school also wants to hear about pupils who have done really well for themselves (whatever that means!).

The above is not strictly to do with the old Grammar School but as its now on the Grammar School site we do share some history - it will also be 25 years since the Grammar School ceased.

Press for 2012 Reunion

The above was in the Tenby Observer on 22nd August 2012 - it was also printed in the Carmarthen Journal on 11th August and the Tenby Observer on 3rd August.

The above two pictures were in the Tenby Observer on 7th September 2012.

Tenby Observer 21st September 2012.

Carmarthen Journal 26th September 2012 (this was a repeat of the image below).

Carmarthen Journal 19th September 2012.

I inadvertently sent in a group shot of the reunion which omitted Iona (very sorry) -so the correct one, which includes us ALL, has gone to the Western Telegraph.

Whitland Grammar School History

If anyone has old pictures from the Grammar School or any more information on its history please get in touch and the items can be included here - with credits back of course. I have put together a separate blog foe the school history now at -